Global rules
  • You are not allowed to make advertisements to other servers or projects.
  • Do not use bugs. If you'll find some critical bug, let us know and you'll be rewarded. 
  • You can have only one account, multiaccount will be banned. 
  • Trying to bypass the ban will result in longer ban. 
  • It's forbidden to use client modifications (except optifine), that can give you advantages that other players don't have.
  • Do not abuse /report command. Report players only if you are 100% sure that they broke some rule.
  • It's forbidden to ruin server economy using bugs in economy system.
  • You are not allowed to build insulting builds or symbols connected to racism etc.
  • It's forbidden to build traps for other players or kill players after teleportation.
External software

We are trying to provide fair play game, if you see someone cheating, please report that player with /report command.

Software that is disallowed:

  • Cheat or hack clients 
  • X-Ray Resource Packs 
  • Auto-Clickers
  • Minimaps
Chat rules

Keep friendly chat without violent or aggressive behavior. 

How to behave:

  • Do not insult other players 
  • If you get insulted, report player instead of insulting back
  • Do not share personal info of other players without their
  • Do not propagate another server, youtube/twitch channel and so on
  • Do not spam, then you can be muted by other players
  • Do not swear

If you try to break the rules, you can have limited chat access, your access to the server can be restricted or your plot can be deleted.