Survival Economy Update

Rixafy, 2020-07-27 01:17
Survival Economy Update

Right now, it's 2 weeks since the launch of our Survival 1.16 server and it's time to boost the player-based economy. Read this article to know all the news and changes.

So, the economy update is all about player's shops, we decided to improve player based shopping.

Custom player shops

You can create your own shop with /setshop <Your shop description> (and delete with /delshop), and from now on, your shop location will be listed in /shops menu.

Brand new menu

The first notable thing is the shops menu, if you type /shops, there will pop-up shop menu with all player shops represented by player heads and sorted by the shop visits from current week.


If you type /shop <Tab>, there is autocomplete of player names with shops.


At the /shops menu, you can see how many which player has earned current day, and how many visits get (daily and weekly).

Fixed shop creation for warez players

From now on, players with cracked minecraft version can create also their own shop, this was a bug in chest shop plugin.