Survival 1.18 released

Rixafy, 2021-12-24 21:16
Survival 1.18 released

As a Christmas gift we'll bring you a new Survival 1.18 server, 1.18 is so far the biggest minecraft update evet, there is brand new cave system that is bigger almost 3 times.

We have worked on the server for a few months, and we are happy to annouce that server is ready for beta testing.

We will keep the status quo

We'll keep most of the things from Survival 1.16 - 1.17, such as pvp, banknotes, player shops, random teleports, residences, vip, crate system, trade, special items such as backpacks and so on


Map is pre-generated in the size of 20 000 x 20 000 blocks, we have searched the ideal seed for whole day and we finally found it, in the middle there is huge continent with great biomes, you can check it out here

PvP Arena

We have finally added a PvP arena, you can find it at /warp pvp, it's that one from our OneBlock server, since it has no usage there.


Spawn is also brand new, we have tried to make spawn as a islands in the warer, and every new map will be new island. Spawn has Christmas decorations and there is also a Christmas Tree, in the back of the spawn there are useful tutorials.

there are also updates from our website


Winterland is brand new RPG map, we have worked on it more than 2 months and it's still not finished, but it will be in a few days. It's large map with quests, bosses and special monsters, like Spring Valley in old survival server.


Content of the crates is also new, so you can check it out!