Survival 1.16 Released

Rixafy, 2020-07-13 02:51
Survival 1.16 Released

We have finally managed to release the new Survival server on version 1.16 with a lot of new features. This article will show you most of them.

The new survival server will blow your mind by the first look. At the amazing spawn you'll find 4 teleporters that can move you to random location in 4 different world parts (north, south, west, east), and random location is changing every 45 minutes.


PvP is by-default enabled, if you want to disable PvP, type /pvp, in dungeon and bossland is PvP always on, so be careful where you go.


Shops is not centralized at /warp shop, instead there are houses at spawn, and every house has to offer different type of items for you to buy, there is also sell shop where you can sell your drops from mobs. We added a command /setshop, so you can set your own location for custom shop (you can create it via ChestShop plugin and signs), and other players can get here by typing /shop YourNickname.


New location where are mobs that are 2x so strong as usual mobs, but if you kill them, you'll earn 4x more EXP, so you can level up more quickly. There is also a chace 1:1000 that you can get Bossland Ticket from killing mobs, with bossland ticket you can visit Bossland and kill some bosses, but be aware that your time in bossland is limited.


Another new location is Bossland, it's map generated with special generator and monsters here are even stronger, so you need to have powerful sword and strong armor to survive. After boss death, you'll receive a Bossland Key Fragment, with 9 of those fragments, you can craft bossland key and unlock special Bossland Crate!

World map

For this time, there is no such thing as slimefun, you'll have pure 1.16 map generated with normal generator, that may sound boring, but what if I told you, that map size is 20 000 x 20 000, and there are a lot of villages? You can see the online version of the map in the menu of our web, but the undiscovered map parts are hidden and ready to be explored.