OneBlock Server Released

Rixafy, 2021-04-23 18:38
OneBlock Server Released

Today we have released a new server - OneBlock.

OneBlock is minigame where you are at island with 1 block, you need to mine that block and after that new block will be spawned, there are 13 phases and every phase has 700 blocks, you can see current phase in scoreboard.


Island can be created with /is command, other commands are at /is help.


There are also player shops, you can see them at /shops, or you can create your own shop with /setshop.


At the end of every phase, there will be spawned the Boss, if you kill the boss, you earn a boss key fragment and money.

PvP Arena

At the spawn, you can also find a beautiful PvP arena.


We are collecting a lot of statistics, top 10 stats can be found at spawn in holograms.

Lucky Fishing

At the spawn, there is lucky fishing, you can fish special minecord items.

Fruit at spawn

You can collect and eat/sell fruit at spawn.


Crates can be found at the spawn.