New Adventure Map - Spring Valley

Rixafy, 2021-03-01 19:46
New Adventure Map - Spring Valley

Today is the day, new Adventure map Spring Valley is now open!

This new map will replace Dungeon and Bossland, map has limitless possibilities.

New items in crate

Check out all the new items in Boss crate! You can find them at our spawn.


We added special fishing to the new map, you have 7% chance that you will find some rare item.

New Boss System

New ultra-super boss system was created! With effects and when you are killing a boss another will be spawned, bosses are marked with small building as shown in a image

Some bosses are under water, can you find them?


Every mob has great items, kill him and get them! You can get special minecord items like backpacks, sets, banknotes, special food and so on.


Quests are also improved, molom45 will add quest for every day, and there will be multiple types of quests.