Development of Survival 1.16

Rixafy, 2020-06-29 00:20
Development of Survival 1.16

Bonjour my friends, because of lot repeating questions about our new survival, I decided to write an article, cover all the questions and provide info and images from new spawn building.

We are working on the server for a while, currently we are building the spawn area (molom45, Murdo97 and me), spawn will be in another world, so that will be a little change from previous spawns. I'll attach some images at the end of the article.

In the middle of the spawn, there will be 4 NPC, they can teleport you to the wilderness, every NPC will teleport you somewhere else (North, South, East, West) and every 30 sec will be random location somewhere else.

Map will be pre-generated and size will be 20 000 x 20 000 blocks generated with 1.16 version.

Shops will be at the spawn in all houses around, and in one shop you can only sell things (cobblestone, mob drops, wood and so on), player shops will remain, but there will be little improvement, player will be able to set the warp to their shop via /setshop, and another player can enter the shop with /shop NickName, what will teleport him to chest-shop of that player.

We will not have slimefun anymore, this mod did a lot of damage to our server, and it's just too much, clean fair-play survival is what we want, without any special knowledge. Instead, we will have some special items with special effects, you can win them at events or buy in shop, but they will cost millions.

Dungeons are another new feature we will add, if we will have time, if not, we will add it later. At the spawn, you can find dungeon teleporter and give him the dungeon ticket - you can get one from killing mobs, there is 0.01% chance you will receive one. Dungeon teleporter will teleport you to the dungeon map full of bosses and powerful creatures, if you manage to kill them, you will be rewarded with banknotes or some special items that will drop after killing them.

We are not sure about release date, but we want to open the server at the start of another month (in a week or 2), probably to 10.07.

Old survival will remain open until there will be a few active players, at the end we will provide map for download and we will remove the server.