Creative Build Event Results

Rixafy, 2020-11-16 21:03
Creative Build Event Results

Today is the final day of the winter build competition, 10 days passed since we announced build event, and here are results.

First of all, I want to thank you for building cabins for our Winter Forest.

First place

First place is taken by jedus with very nice surrounding.

Second place

Second place is taken by Pleb_Honzik with 4 winter cabins and nice surrounding.

Third placa

Third place is taken by Sqenixwith nice winter cabin oriented to multiple directions.

All places and rewards
  1. jedus - VIP for +30 days and 500k
  2. Pleb_Honzik - VIP for +30 days VIP and 300k
  3. Sqenix - VIP for +30 days and 200k
  4. Fejky - 100k
  5. Flex65cz - 100k
  6. Mythic_cz - 100k
  7. TheY3sin - 70k
  8. FrantaRez_CZE - 70k
  9. Hans10 - 40k
  10. Memorvec - 40k

First 6 players will receive also Camouflage Backpack and Backpack Expander and all players will receive Grappling Hook.