Creative Build Event

Rixafy, 2020-11-07 04:08
Creative Build Event

Winter is coming, and we are working for some special winter map (Winter Forest), but we need your help!

Few weeks ago, we decided to create special winter map, Winter Forest. We are working on the system of mobs and bosses, but we need help with building the map!

What is your mission

We need a small winter cabins (small houses with winter theme) to our new map, so that's all you need to know, it's a decoration, but we will be glad to see the interior of these cabins/cottages.

Where to build and when event ends

You can start build right now on our Creative 1.16.4 server (we support mc versions from 1.15), and you can also use WorldEdit, you can build even multiple cottages/cabins, big or small with some small surrounding (fireplaces etc.). Winners will be announced 16.11 (10 days from now), so you have a lot of time.

What can you win

Main price are 3 VIP accounts for 1 month, if you already have VIP, your rank will be extended for another month. Other players (up to next 10) will be rewarded with special survival items such as keys, backpacks, grappling hooks, or some new item from winter collection.

How to let us know that you are building

In our discord, send your nickname to channel #contest.


For inspiration, google "minecraft winter cabin", or click here.