Backpack Update

Rixafy, 2020-09-07 01:41
Backpack Update

We have a surprise for you, last days we were working on our new Backpacks! Read this article if you want to know how to craft and use backpacks.

Backpacks are finally well-tested and available for players, everyone can create a backpack and expand slots from 9 up to 54.

How to craft a backpack?

Backpack can be found in crates, or you can make it with crafting table, all materials can be obtained in dungeon or vote crate. You will need 16x Strong String, 6x Cloth, 1x Chest.
Strings can be obtained from spiders in dungeon, cloth can be obtained from rabbits in dungeon.

  1. Create a Rope from 8 Strong Strings

  2. Use 2x Rope, 6x Cloth and 1x Chest to create a Backpack
How to expand backpack?

Backpack has by default only 9 slots, to add more slots you need to use Backpack Expander, expander can be looted from dungeon, there is 1:750 chance for loot.

How to add color to your Backpack?

Backpack can have one of 17 colors, the default color is light brown, you just need to use some dye with backpack in crafting table.

How to open Backpack?

You can open backpack by holding it in your right hand and clicking with right mouse button.